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Alpha Cleaning and Maintenance has a massed expertise through years of experience in this field.  We have a long established relationship with many residential clients, estate agents and commercial businesses. With a loyal and ever-growing customer base where our aim is to continually excel in our services.  Our fully insured carpet & hard floor cleaning technicians will ensure in transforming your floor back to looking clean and as good as new.

We endeavor to work tirelessly to deliver an efficient and reliable carpet cleaning service – from taking your call to completing the cleaning task. Our professional carpet & hard floor cleaning technicians are trained to the highest standard and are able to provide the best level of service and care when cleaning. Our team is experienced in cleaning, deodorizing and protecting your carpets. The cleaning solutions and equipment used by our technicians contain only non-toxic and highly effective ingredients which are safe for children and pets.  Up most care and attention will be given on each job to ensure that you, our customer are given the first class service you deserve.


Areas Covered

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TN14, TN15, TN16.

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